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Site Rules
You must follow these rules at all times.
Breaking any of these rules may result in suspension or permanent ban from the site.
See the "Consequences" section for more details.

Common (Misc.) Rules

  • Each forum has a specific purpose.
    Before posting a new thread, check that you are posting in the correct forum. If your not sure where a topic should go, PM a moderator about it. Also before you write a topic or even reply to one, read the guidelines of the section so you know what it's for.
  • Use the SEARCH function at the top of the page before creating a new topic!
    Chances are someone before you has probably created a similar topic or asked a similar question as you. Using the SEARCH function will allow you to find those threads and possibly answer your question.
  • Maximum Avatar size is 120x120, maximum signature size is 750x130.
    If you post anything over 120 as your avatar, it will automatically re-size it for you. You could have multiple images in your signature, as long as they ALL fit inside the 750x130 dimensions. Not following this rule may result in a signature removal without warning. This also includes text that exceeds these dimensions.
  • No advertising.
    You're not allowed to post offsite links to other forums or sites as it'd be advertising, this excludes entertainment sites such as youtube and all our affilitates.

Posting Rules

  • Do not double post.
    When you post something right after another post of yours, it is considered double posting. You can double post in portfolio threads (galleries), but only to bump them back to the first page. If it's still on the first page, you cannot bump it. If you feel you have to add something to a topic or post, but it isn't a gallery thread and the rules prevent you from double posting, please use the edit button on your post so you don't have to break the rules to get your point across.
  • Do not bump old threads.
    Bumping is where a person makes a post in an old thread, thus causing the thread to be listed first in a forum. A thread that has had no posting in it for over two weeks is considered an old thread. Exception: You can bump pinned threads and portfolio threads.
  • Do not spam.
    Off-topic posts (posts unrelated to the topic), already-answered questions, and non-contributing posts will be considered spam. This includes posts that consists of only one or two words, such as "WOW", "THAT'S AWESOME", "OOOOOOO", etc. Posts that only consists of smiley faces also count as spam. These are not contributing. They're nowhere near meaningful. Try to incorporate more into each and every single one of your posts. Critique, extend, discuss. That's what we're looking for.
  • Do not continue a topic in another one.
    Stick to the thread where you started the topic. EXCEPTION: If you have a question that has a HALF/UNCOMPLETED answer in another thread, create a new thread and link to the previous thread. Be sure to include what you're confused about in that thread and include anything else you need help with.
  • Do not post if you have nothing to contribute to the thread
    Don't quote a previous poster just to say you agree with them. Don't post stuff that has nothing to do with the main topic (unless it has been brought up in discussion in said topic). Posting stuff that have nothing to do with the topic or in no way is helpfull/usefull will be marked as spam.

Post's Content Rules

  • No sex/racial/religious/social/political discrimination of any kind.
    It's not funny, seriously.
  • No sexual/pornographic discussions or image use.
    Absolute no-no.
  • No illegal/piracy discussions.
    Don't do it.
  • Limit the use of Forum Smilies (the images) to 2 or 3 per post.
    You may use as many text smilies as you wish as long as they don't trigger the forum smilies. Such would include things like :D or =\ or :P
  • Please use correct grammar and spelling.
    This is not a moderator enforced rule, but it would be really nice if you followed it. Incorrect grammar and spelling will often mislead readers about what you are attempting to say. If you can't reread what you typed or understand your writing clearly, no one else, obviously, would understand it either.
  • Instant Messaging Chat conversations brought into the forum are forbidden.
    They are outside of our forum's boundaries and our members do not need to partake in it.


  • Be kind. Don't be rude.
    We don't appreciate rude behavior. It's not funny; it's not cool. It's dumb really.
  • Do not flame other users.
    Flaming is when you treat another user in a disrespectful way. This includes insulting another person (anything the victim and moderators consider offensive) and criticizing without reason. If a member provokes you in any way, he/she most likely accidentally did so. This happens quite often during criticism. If some members dislikes your work, leave it be, they probably have a reason to do so. Even if members are purposely provoking you, don't flame back. You're just stooping to a lower level and is considered childish and immature.
  • Do not complain or whine.
    Complaining and whining is very, very annoying. If you have a complaint or something you wish to improve, please post in the Site/Forum Discussion Section.
  • Do not beg.
    It is hard to help someone who constantly begs for assistance.
  • Do not pin your problems on any members or the forum.
    If you had a bad day or are in a bad mood, don't take it out on any member or the forum. You can rant about it in the Poop section if you wish, but do NOT direct your anger towards any member or the forum. If your problem is with a certain member, PM a moderator or admin about it.
  • Do not brag or make ego-boosting threads/posts.
    Seriously, no one wants to hear it. If you want to post about an achievement, go ahead, but don't rub it in other members' faces.
  • Respect the original poster's wishes.
    If he/she states a rule in the topic post, even if it's not a forum rule, it's a rule in that thread. EXCEPTION: If it conflicts with these site rules then moderators are allowed to interject.

Administrators and Moderators
These members are the security guards and regulators of the forum.
They spot trouble and deal with it accordingly.
They assure that the forums are running in accordance with the site rules.

  • Do not argue with the moderators.
    If they have taken action, the have a reason to take it. Arguing could result in more severe consequences.
  • Not every single rule can possibly be listed here.
    Warns are based on staff discretion. If we find that some certain behavior or content shouldn't be allowed, then they will be dealt with.
  • Do not play "Jr. Moderator."
    Basically, don't act like a moderator when you're not. We appreciate everyone trying to help out, but let the Moderators do their job. Usually if we don't do something about it, there's no need. If you feel that it really serious, then PM a moderator explaining why you think so and link to it.


You are entitled to two chances and 10 warnings with each chance.
  • Each time you break a rule, you will be issued a 10-point warning.
  • After you have reached 100-points of warnings, you will be issued a 5-day suspension.
  • Once your 5-day suspension is up, your warning points will be reset to 0-points and you will be given a second chance.
  • If you reach 100-points of warning on your second chance, you will be permanently banned, no questions asked. It's best you heed the warnings beforehand.

NOTE: Warning points, suspensions, and bans are based on how severe your infraction is, the discretion of the moderating team, and your attitude and behavior. If you make one serious error, then you could be issued an immediate suspension even if you don't have 100-points of warning. It is even possible to be permanently banned after a single mistake and not be given a second chance. The best way to steer clear of these consequences is to use common sense, and don't do anything stupid.

Enjoy the forums!

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