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Post by Martin on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:02 pm

Here you will find the official rules for all parts of this forum (unless specified by a member of staff). Please read these, as they are for your own good, not ours.

General Rules

1. No spamming - This includes making posts unrelated to the topic, or ones which do not contribute to the thread. If caught spamming, you will receive 1 warn.

2. No mature content - When I say mature content, I refer to things such as pornography, hentai, gore, etc. Ecchi is acceptable within reason. Essentially, no revealing or nude material, as we may have younger members. Depending on the extent to which you post adult content, you will receive either 1 warn or a ban.

3. No advertising - Unless given specific permission by an Administrator, you may not advertise anything. Posting a link to a YouTube video you made is fine, but please do not go further than that without our consent. Depending on the extent of your advertising, you will receive either multiple warns or a ban.

4. Introductions - If you have not already made an introduction, please go ahead and do so here. Please read the introduction sticky before making one, as it shows a form with guidance as to what you should post. Warns will not be handed out for this, but it is preferred if you post one.

5. Necroposting - (posting in a thread thread which has not been posted in for a while, bumping it to the top of the forum) In the media section, you must not necropost in a thread which has been dead for 4 weeks. In all other sections, it is 2 weeks. You will receive 1 warn if caught necroposting.

6. Multiple accounts - You must not make multiple accounts. If caught making multiple accounts without permission, all of your accounts will be banned, and you may possibly receive an IP ban.

7. Double posting - (Posting in a thread twice before another person posts in that same thread; two consecutive posts) is allowed. The posts should at least be reasonable, but if a member of staff believes you are abusing the feature, you may receive 1 warn.

8. Signature size - Please keep your signatures to a moderate size. Anything page breaking or way too large is not wanted. If you are caught with a page breaking or abruptly large signature, your signature will be removed.

9. No illegal discussion - This ranges from downloading copyrighted material, to posting about getting programs free (use Google!) If found discussing illegal issues, you will receive 1 warn.

10. Rage & flame - Please try not to rage or flame. We don't want stuff like that ruining the forums ambient.

In short, if you can keep yourself civilized, you'll survive. Wink

If you've read all of this, you're ready to go and start posting! Enjoy!


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