[08/01/12] - Whalecum Back

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[08/01/12] - Whalecum Back  Empty [08/01/12] - Whalecum Back

Post by JakTheHobo on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:51 pm

Notable Changes:

  • All pre-2012 topic and sections have been moved to the Archive Section which can be found Here
  • New sections and categories have been placed accordingly:
    - Site / Multimedia / Media Extras / Map Section / Off-topic / BSBG Archive
  • Honorary Members / Veteran Rank has been created:
    - Please message either of the admins to apply if you meet the requirement.

Behind the Scene Changes:

  • Galleries will be implemented soon

  • AOTM and MOTM will be restarted soon

  • Multimedia Packs are in progress, message Josv for more information


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